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The poem I wrote

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There was this girl with her pal named May,

they would always play throughout the day,

through thick and thin they shared,

always showing concern and care.

They never broke up, never will they,

loyal as they can be especially May,

they laughed and played and studies hard,

until each of them had an Identification Card!

Each of them tried to be as encouraging,

not sulking, sighing or crying.

Sometimes, they got into a fight,

but it will never last beyond the night.

Sharing tips and whatever they had,

they usually didn’t get sad.

May was glad, so was the girl,

until one day, the world turned into a whirl.

The days just flew by in a flash,

as if someone was about to dash,

They each grew up, and became engaged,

and both went their separate ways.

For many years, they spent apart,

but each of them kept one another in their heart.

They kept in contact, until one day,

the girl’s best friend had to move away.

She could not contact her, or find her,

her friendship world crumbled before her.

The girl was as if ripped apart,

but she knew that May did not part.

She tried desperately by searching for May,

unfortunately, the sun setted everyday.

After many years, the girl knew,

that she had to give up the search and start anew.

§he was growing old,

and the weather was turning cold.

She sat on her chair, with a sad expression on her face,

her husband came and asked, “Why so glum?

Are your fingers turning num?”

She replied, “It has been so many years,

oh how I wish May could be here.”

And just like that, she was sent to the hospital,

the doctor said her condition is crucial.

Anytime she could pass on,

leaving behind everything and her son.

Her son came in, bringing some steamed fish,

and asked her what was her final wish.

She told him to give her a hand,

in finding her long lost friend.

He went off, trying to find,

his mum’s lost friend so she could have a peaceful mind.

After some days, there was news,

That May was a jew.

May was alarmed after hearing him,

she said she would be there after her swim.

She rushed to the airport, taking the fastest flight,

and she soon arrived there at night.

Rushing to the hospital as fast as she could,

she wished she could see her friend soon.

She was standing at her friend’s door,

and just threw her bag on the floor.

She ran to her childhood friend,

weeping and crying as she went.

“Oh! How could I left you here?

When I was out there throughout the years?”

The girl touched her hand,

and felt lots of bits of sand.

“Don’t cry, my darling,

You will make me feel better by smiling.”

May holded back her tears

and told her she will be here.

But just then, a saddening moment happened,

May’s friend passes away to haven.

During the girl’s funeral,

May wasn’t as sad as she expected herself to be,

because she knew she fulfilled her friend’s last wish.

That is to reunited with her after she her last dish.

May said, “Even though she isn’t here,

she will allways remain in my heart, here.”

Even though best of friends might be fated,

they will be apart one day.

When someone really regards you as a true friend,

that friend will remain in their heart, forever.


3 Responses to "The poem I wrote"

This poem is the sadest but the most extrodinary poem I’ve ever read that has been had written!!! (or posted)
Well Done!!!

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