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The Case of the Missing Puffle

The Case of the Missing Puffle

“Pass it here!” My best friend, Jenny, shouted. She is the fashion queen of all penguins I knew, due to her clothing rack. You will always see the latest fashion in the rack. My other best buddy, BlackTrians, is really sporty. He’s really active and likes to take the puffles for runs! I, on the other hand, loves to attend parties, and I’d never missed a single one. But what I love most is helping friends. I have my puffle, PinkPuff, to keep me company. She is my most favourite puffle. You could say I dot on her. PinkPuff’s best pal is BlackPuff, BlackTrians puffle. He wears a cap, black, of course.

As I was saying, we were playing ‘Monguin’. And I was the ‘Monguin’.

Just then, there was a scream, followed by a shout!

“What was that?” screamed PinkPuff. Then out of the corner of my eyes, I saw a penguin sitting on the hard cold snow sobbing.

Before anyone knew it, I was jogging towards the sobbing penguin.

I spoke, “Why are you crying? Is something the matter?” “My favourite… *sniff* puffle is *sniff* gone! *sigh* I wonder where it went?” the penguin on the ground said. I introduced myself as WinxAmore and she told me she is Esther the cheerleader of the red team.

Just then, my four other best pals caught up with me. When they asked what happened, I told them the situation. BlackTrians suggested that we question Esther further for clues or helpful information.

“Good thinking Blacky!” BlackTrians groaned and said, “I’m NOT blacky!”

As Esther was questioned, we learnt that her puffle went missing after she left her igloo for Hydro-Hopper for only five minutes. She told us that she fed, bathe and played with the puffle!

Something told me this wasn’t any ordinary case…

Jenny went and asked, “Can we visit your igloo Esther? We want to search your igloo for clues.”

Esther nodded her head. As Esther led us to her igloo, Jenny was thinking, “How can a puffle run away when it was so well taken care of?”

What Jenny said was true and it really made sense!

So the conclusion is out, our next conclusion: someone stole the puffle. But that was also impossible as there were sercurity cameras all around Esther’s igloo! And don’t forget that ClubPenguin is crime-free due to secret agents on duty.

As I was exploring Esther’s igloo, I spotted something odd. I asked Esther if the window was broken before the puffle dissapeared, and she said, “Nope, I’ve never noticed the broken window before! Never said I’ve!” I saw the broken window and knew it meant something…

Just then, the pink puffle detective came in.

As puffles are smaller and shorter, they spot stuff on the ground more easily than penguins do. So it wasn’t surprising that PinkPuff spotted a puffle print outside the igloo. “Puffy! A puffle print! Plus, the puffle print is near the broken window! We’re onto something WinxAmore!” screamed PinkPuff.

“You’re right, PinkPuff!… Oh look! There’s more puffle prints right ahead! Follow them!” I said, grinning from ear to ear.

So the six of us trailed the trail all along ClubPenguin. It led to the beach, dock, town,… oh! But it stopped as we reached the door of the Night Club. Esther’s puffle must have went inside!

No one was dancing in the club, except for the keeper of the boiler room; AKA; the green puffle.

BlackTrians asked BlackPuff to question the keeper if it had seen a puffle with no owner walked by. It said it had seen a puffle dancing by its own not long ago, followed by going underground to the boiler room.

We thanked the green puffle for the useful information and continued our search.

After searching the boiler room for a few minutes, we decided to proceed to the pool for a break. So happened that luck crossed our path, as there were wet puffle prints leading to the Plaza when Jenny pointed out.

“Look over there!” Jenny exclaimed.

Soon, we followed the wet prints to the Plaza. But unfortunately, the prints dried up, and we had no idea if it went to any of the places located around the Plaza. So the team decided to ask the yellow puffle at the stage for help.

To their delight when they reached the stage, the puffle was performing, They gave their tickets and went inside to watch the play.

After 5 minutes, the play ended. WinxAmore’s puffle got to work.

“Puffy, puff, puff? Poof, puff puff puffy muffy?” PinkPuff asked.

“Puffy! Ick! Puffy way!” the yellow puffle replied.

“Let’s go!” PinkPuff said. We followed her to where we knew, it was the Pet Shop.

Inside the Pet Shop, the group searched fanatically for Esther’s puffle. Then, Esther spotted a figure which reassembles her puffle.

“Mandy! Oh, I’ve found you! Why did you run away from me?” Esther said as she ran and hugged the puffle. As BlackPuff translated the puffle conversation to the penguins, they all gasped at the story.

“So a review of what BlackPuff said: Mandy wanted to take a walk around ClubPenguin when Esther wasn’t around; but the door was locked, so she jumped and smashed through the window,” WinxAmore said. She continued, “Then, she walked to the Night Club, wanting to have a chat with the keeper. That’s when Esther came back and noticed Mandy was missing, and we came in.”

Jenny continued the story, “Then we followed the tracks to the Night Club. While we were doing so, Mandy went to swim in the pool and left wet puffle prints. When we learned that she went to the Plaza, the trail dried.”

“Yep, and that’s when Mandy went to talk with some puffles at the Pet Shop while we questioned the yellow puffle at the Stage. Then we ended up here and founf the missing puffle! Case closed!” declared WinxAmore.

“Thank you so much for helping me find my missing puffle! What should we do now?” Esther asked.

I suggested that we continue our game of ‘Monguin’. But very soon I will be busy with the case “Password to Puffle Island”!

The End

Written By: WinxAmore


3 Responses to "The Case of the Missing Puffle"

that story was fabulous bern!i totally love it!!!

Puffy is my language! But still, really nice story! keep making more stories!

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