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Password to Puffle Island

Password to Puffle Island

“Ah… finally, peace at last!” sighed Jenny, the fashion queen. She wore a pink dress with a blue belt, and had brown, long hair running all the way down to her back. She took a sip of coffee before continuing, “You really did some cool work back there last week WinxAmore! You rock!”

I blushed shyly, re-encountering the series of events that happened the week before. We were helping a penguin named Esther find her missing puffle.

Nice coffee, nice environment, nice day. I was sipping coffee with my friends. They were BlackTrians and Jenny. While we were having coffee, the puffles were having Puffle Os’.

BlackPoof (that was BlackPuff’s cousin) was going to visit BlackPuff later. And it was another reason to make the day nicer.


Meanwhile further off from the coffee shop, a black puffle wearing a scarf on its head was heading towards the ski village. It was walking around the wildness of ClubPenguin.

Just behind some rocks, BlackPoof witnessed a puffle vanished into thin air behind a bush; guessing that was the entrance to Puffle Island.

“Woah… What was that all about? Was my eyes playing tricks on me?” BlackPoof thought to himself.


Back at the Coffee Shop, I was wondering if our guess would arrive here soon. At that moment, BlackPoof rushed through the door, shouting, “Hey WinxAmore! You can’t believe what I just saw!”

That set my flippers tingling. I could feel my whole body jumping with excitment and adventure!

Then without having to think twice, I blurted out, “What is it? WHAT IS IT? Come on, say it!!!”

“Okay! When I was coming here, I saw this puffle who just walked towards a normal looking bush… and it… disappeared! Plus, I’m really sure I saw it correctly,” explained BlackPoof.

Oh my, I wasn’t sure how it happened, but my mind told me to take up the case. Hmm… was there a connection?

Just then, Jenny had a brainwave. She told us that she had once read an artical on the web about an entrance to this sacred place called ‘Puffle Island’. And she read that the only way to that place was by through a secret door in the wildness, and only puffles could enter through as the door was their size. And they needed to say a password to enter!

Now this sounded like a mystery! “Hey, since no one knows where and what is Puffle Island, let’s prove it! Is everyone up to it?”

Everyone shouted ‘yes’, but not Jenny. She had some doubts, and I could sense that. “Jenny, what’s wrong?” “Well… what if we can find the Puffle entrance, but how are we supposed to know the password; and how are we going to fit anyway? We’re not puffles!”

Hmm… she has some really good points about them… but I still persuded her to go. She shrugged and nodded her head in agreement! So we left the Coffee Shop to change into new clothes before we began on our journey to the wildness.

So we set off for the wildness of ClubPenguin. BlackPoof led the way for us.

We walked, walked and walked. And when it seemed like almost forever and when my feet wanted to gave way, we finally reached our destination!

“Puffy, this is exactly the place I saw that puffle disappeared to! And I heard that puffle say something like ‘super puffies’,” BlackPoof recalled. Hmm… super puffies… maybe that was the password!

“So we have found the entrance to Puffle Island, and ‘super puffies’ might be the password, so how are we going to fit? We’re all too big!” exclaimed Jenny. We all brainstormed for different ideas, but BlackTrians’ idea was the best.

“We can visit Gary and see if he has any invention that will make us shrink!” BlackTrians thought. We all agreed that that was the best solution that was available. Off to Gary the gadget guy!

Soon, I found myself faced to faced with ClubPenguin’s best inventor: Gary the gadget guy!

“So, what seems to be the problem? In any way I can help?” questioned Gary. We told him of our discoveries and asked him if he could invent a machine that will shrink us. “Hmm… that seems like a really tough challenge! But I’ll still give it a shot!” Once he said that, there were shouts of joy coming from all over the lab! He told us to come back the following day to his lab.

The next day, we woke up bright and early and met at Gary’s lab at 9 O’clock sharp.

Gary took us to a room. He pulled off a white cover and shouted proudly, “Ta-Da!” Everyone stood facing the machine, gasping in awe. Our mouths were so wide open, a puffle could jump inside!

He told us that the machine was named: ‘Penguin-Puffle 3000’. He also explained that a penguin went through one side of the machine, and the penguins controlling the machine could press any button to decde the colour and features of the puffle! Then once done, the penguin will come out through the other end and will become the puffle!

BlackTrians was really excited. He took off his blue mail bag, stepped inside the machine, and told us to change him into a black puffle.

 Out he came, not as his normal self, but as a black puffle! “I’m a puffle!” declared BlackTrians. Soon, he was playing with the other puffles.

Next it was Jenny’s turn. She took off her clothes and wig, stepped inside, and came out being a purple puffle with fantastic eyes!

Finally, it was my turn. I laid my dress and friendship band neatly on the ground, leaving my hat on my head. In I went, and out I came as a pink puffle wearing my hat! Somehow, it shrank too!

Gary told us to come back to him after we’re done so that he could change us back into penguins again. We left after saying our farewells.

After that, we were back at the same spot again. “SUPER PUFFIES!!” we said in unison. All of a sudden, a puffle wearing sunglasses appeared in front of us. He told us to follow him through the door to Puffle Island. Yes!

The following events that happened after that were breath-taking. We saw puffles… everywhere! They had their own homes, games and even agents! We decide to explore the area by ourselves before going back home.

The group met back at the door where we first entered from. We made a promise to ourselves that we would keep Puffle Island a secret. Then, we arrived back home.

We revisited Gary and he told us to enter through the puffle side of the Penguin-Puffle 3000. One by one, we turned back into penguins again. We thanked gary and left.

“What an exciting adventure WinxAmore!” Jenny commented. “I’m glad that’s the end of our mystery!” But what she did not knew that another mystery called ‘The Land of Dreams’ would be creeping to WinxAmore soon!

The End

Written by: WinxAmore


3 Responses to "Password to Puffle Island"


Cool! I wonder if Puffle Island really exsisted, and Gary still had the Penguin-Puffle 3000 thingy-majigi. It would be so cool! I also wonder if the Land of Dreams exsisted, all my dreams of becoming a member would come true!

thats so cool i wonder if is real.if it is i want to go inside it.

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