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Mission Help Guide Page

Notice: Only Mission 1 is finished. I am still working on the other missions.

All pictures are from watex.wordpress.com.

Note: You must be a agent in order to complete the missions.

Mission 1: Case of the Missing Puffles

  1. Talk to Aunt Arctic.
  2. Go to the Ice rink by using your map. Go to the right of the Ice Rink and get the pictures. Go back to Aunt Arctic’s igloo and give the pictures to her.
  3. Go to the Pet Shop. Go all the way to the left, and click on the note on the house. Click on “code” to decode it. The answer changes each time you play.
  4. Once you have decoded it, go the the Sports Shop and click on G. Tell him you want some ‘special’ items. He will ask how many pairs of socks he has. Type in the answer and he will open the cupboard. Get the life preserver first. (Note: if you answer him incorrectly, repeat step 3 and 4.)
  5. Go onto the IceBerg. Use the preserver to rescue the penguins trap on the floating piece of ice. Watch for the movement of the wind.
  6. Go back to the sports shop and get the hook.
  7. Go to the Ski Mountain and use your tools to fix the telescope. Use the wrench to fix it.                   
  8. View the telescope by clicking on it. Move all the way until you see a green puffle flying around a mountain.               
  9. Go to the tallest mountain which is located on the map. Use the hook to get you up to the top of the mountain.
  10. Talk to Aunt Arctic and end the mission. You will receive a medal and a letter from Aunt Arctic.

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I can help you tell how to do some of the missions. Just ask me

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