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I’m back, after 3 days away from home (and the computer). Wow, I didn’t know that just 3 days away from the com, there would be so many new stuff! Well, give me a day to catch up, I will update tomorrow.

P/S: I bought LOTS of gum! Now they are in my house. I bought a BOX of bubblegum!



Sorry, I didnt have the time to update the blog! Just to let you know, my school holidays have ‘just’ started and it is going to end on Sun. I’m going overseas from tomorrow till Sun. So, I won’t have internet access to update the blog!

Thanks for understanding!


Yep! My exams are over! I will start posting on the blog the new stuff right away!

Hi everyone!

I can only play a little today. Today was my chinese paper. (very very hard leh!) Tomorrow’s my last paper: science! But most of my friends still have 1 more extra paper than me to go. And that is higher chinese. Good luck to them… and ME!

Just now I completed another level of the temple of transformation. This is what I got:


WinxLockette uses the Keys and….

Zeus Trading Card

WinxLockette is tired now and needs atleast 24 hours before exploring the rest of the Temple!

Yay me! 4 more levels to go! Woo Hoo!


Hi there!

Tomorrow’s my english exam so wish me luck! For the next 4 days, this is what exam papers I will be taking:

Mon: English Paper

Tues: Maths Paper

Wed: Chinese Paper (yikes!)

Thurs: Science Paper

And on Friday…. I can update the blog again! Meanwhile, please visit RachyStar’s blog for cp updates.

Today I went on Marapets and purchased simerian key 39 which cost 79000mp+ (Ah!) And I completed another simerian level. (See below!)

WinxLockette uses the Keys and….


WinxLockette is tired now and needs atleast 24 hours before exploring the rest of the Temple!

Woopee! Now I am on level 25 going on to level 26… 4 more levels till I get my reward… the staff of the light fairy! 🙂



Guessy what… Yep, Im still in school, no holidays yet! *frown* LOL, asking for holidays when school only just started and counting 2 weeks now. Mmm… tomorrow I have chinese spelling (ting Xie)… Oh! I forgot! I didnt learn! *giggles* Going to learn it after posting. I didnt really elaborate much on the other post about school, so let me tell you.

This year in my chinese class, my best friend (since P1) is in the same chinese class as me… again! All the years she has been, except P3. 😦 She is the only closest friend I have in other classes. Her best friend, YuHui, is also my best friend. 🙂

Like, I think I will be posting much more of these type of posts. Cause, I dont know where else to express my inner thoughts except for my diary. 😀

Posting more soon,


Back to school again… sigh.

Today was my first day at school for this year, and I’m really tired right now. Great news, my last year’s form teacher is my this year’s as well! Yes! I really cant believe it! Ok, as promised, I will inform you of updates, but I dont have much time left before I shut down the computer.

Hello Penguins!

Happy New Year! We wanted to thank you for all of the creativity, imagination, ideas, and feedback you shared in 2008 — we know that 2009 will even be better!! 


There’s been a lot of excitement about the results of Coins For Change and I wanted to give you a quick update about it and a breakdown of how the money will be donated.
Kids without parents or who are hurt by war
  • Partners in the Horn of Africa will receive $30,000 
  • War Child will receive $340,000
Kids who are sick
  • Partners in Health will receive $300,000
Kids who are poor and cannot go to school
  • Free the Children will receive $330,000

The Kids Helping Kids section of the website has been updated with more details on the results of Coins For Change including info about how the charitable organizations will help kids around the world because of your generosity. 

Your generosity over the holiday season has been truly inspiring and encouraging! 

In other news: Congratulations to the igloo decorating contest winners – You can check them out in today’s newspaper.

Let us know what you hope the New Year has in store for Club Penguin!

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob on January 01 2009 09:28 | Comments (26)

Greetings Penguins!

Lots of comments are coming in about how you love the new mission, and some of you have asked about the people who make the stories up. So I thought it would be fabulous to talk to someone who helps write the missions…

Who is your fave mission character and why?

Herbert. Because he reminds me a lot of myself.

herbCutout.jpgWhat’s the coolest thing about making up mission stories?
There’s no such thing as an idea that’s too crazy.

Perhaps most importantly, what’s your favorite kind of candy?
Anything with peanut butter in it.

Send along any ideas you have for missions! (And remember – they can’t be too crazy!)
Happy New Year!

-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77 on December 31 2008 08:39 | Comments (37)

Hello Penguins!

Mission 10 has finally arrived for all you Penguin Secret Agents, so we hope you’ll have fun helping to save Club Penguin… Herbert’s making trouble again! The team has worked really hard on it and we’d love to hear what you think.


In Other News: There are fireworks up today that will last until January 1st. We hope you enjoy them!

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team


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