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Yay! the blog just hit the 2000 views target! Lets work hard and we can reach 2500 views! Gu li gu li!



Hi everyone!

The new poll will be expected to be up by tomorrow or the day after. (depending) New better features will be added here very soon. winxamore-words-flower3

What’s New:

I’ve added the “Have UR Say!” page and “I WANNA DONATE” page already. You can check them out! I’ve added some new catagories like ‘games’, ‘health’, ‘tips’, ‘studying’ and ‘secrets!’. I think you need to look out for these type of posts more often here.

Very soon, I will be adding “The Land of Dreams” here for all of you to read.

Tomorrow, there will be clubpenguin updates, and a surprise post!


Hi readers!

This is what I plan to do with the blog: Give it a fresher newer look, make it much more interesting for viewers, and improve on everything!

Also, these are what i am going to do for the following weeks to come:

  1. Finish typing out ”The Land Of Dreams” (It is so late by so many months!)
  2. Type more things instead of always ClubPenguin, example: Tips on health, studying, etc
  3. Create a ‘have UR say’ page.
  4. get more contributes to the blog!
  5. have a “I WANNA DONATE” page for people to donate to my dream pet fund.
  6. More stuff!

Do you guys and gals approve of this? What do you think?



Latest News: Click HERE to view the poem and comment!

Thanks to everyone who had voted when the Jan poll lasted. Alot of people voted ‘study hard’ and ‘be more friendly, helpful, etc’. Glad to hear that! Now, I’ve added a poll for the poem Im about to put up. Please vote.

Now, I said that I will be publishing  the new sports catalogue secrets, so here they are:

  1. Click the seashell and the starfish on the surfboard page followed by changing the fire surfboard the green penguin is holding into a daisy one. The silver surfboard should pop up.
  2. Turn to the sport furniture page and click on the rock climbing wall. You can find 2 secret hidden items for your penguin to buy and wear.

Ok, some of you were wondering how did I managed to get the ninja mask and become a ninja. You might think it is impossible to beat Sensei, but you will discover that your thinking is wrong. Let me tell you some stuff:

  1. Battle until you get your black belt. You NEED NOT buy the trading cards to defeat Sensei, although it is faster.
  2. Once you have your black belt, battle Sensei many many times, like 7 times and more. At the first few tries he will beat you, but later, he will become ‘weaker’ and you will start to slowly beat him.
  3. If he beats you again and again, DO NOT GIVE UP!!!
  4. After you loose to him many many times, there will be one time you will win! You will get the ninja mask from him and get access to the secret ninja hideout!!! :O

Good Luck!


(P/S: I will post my poem on a new page, you can check it out shortly.)


What else do you want to see more here on the blog? Maybe more of myself, or my friends’ posts? Anyway, just have your say below! Please comment!

Oh yea, before I forget, would YOU guys want a Chat page? So you can talk about things more easily? Please vote below!


Aloha everyone!

I told you a long time ago that I’ve added a few of my friends to my blog, and I told you a super long time ago that I added PennyPoller to my blog when I was best friends with her (which Im not now).  If you have not noticed, she didnt post anything when we were best friends, but only now then she posted something. (see below) I guess she should be posting anything she wants. 🙂 Also, I’ve added Rachystar to the blog, and she will be helping me post ClubPenguin stuff like secrets when I dont have the time. So everyone say ‘Hi’ to the 2 authors! Now I wish my other friends can post too…

Clubpenguin Updates!!!

Ok, so you guys and gals know that Ive been busy ever since school reopened, but today, I set aside some time to bring some updates to you!!!

Did you know that the play “SquidZoid VS Shadow Guy and Gamma Girl” debuted in Jan 08? It then came back a few months later, and again, back at the Stage today for the 3rd time! So whats new? The stage props, like now is a robot! (pic from http://community.clubpenguin.com/blog/)

And also, if you’re a member, there will be a member party from Jan 15-18! So members, DONT MISS OUT!

There is a new comic at the community section.

There is also a new background.

Click the image to print.

And again, there is a new colouring page for you to colour, whew!

Signing off,


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