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Yepee! I’ve completed the temple of transformation!

WinxLockette uses the Keys and….
Congratulations!! You have made your way through the Temple of Transformation!!!

Staff of the Light Fairy

WinxLockette is tired now and needs atleast 24 hours before exploring the rest of the Temple!


Here is the sneak peak:


And there are 5 new badges for members!


Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5


Thanks for giving me a day to check out the new stuff.

There is a new comic at the community section:

And a new background:

The penguin play awards have started. For members, you can enter the stage. Here is what it looks like inside:


(Pic from: http://community.clubpenguin.com/blog/)

 There is a poll at the plaza. You can vote among the 5 best plays which has the best effect/music/set, etc…


Yes! I’ve completed the level 29 of the temple of transformation! (see below)


WinxLockette uses the Keys and….

£2 Account Upgrade Credit

WinxLockette is tired now and needs atleast 24 hours before exploring the rest of the Temple!



I’m back, after 3 days away from home (and the computer). Wow, I didn’t know that just 3 days away from the com, there would be so many new stuff! Well, give me a day to catch up, I will update tomorrow.

P/S: I bought LOTS of gum! Now they are in my house. I bought a BOX of bubblegum!


I gave my brother blacktrians in marapets my checkered poera potion to reward him for helping me. Here it is…

Black_Trians has changed into a checkered Poera!

He is delighted!


Yes, I’ve got 10 million mp! Thanks to everyone who helped me achieve my goal! Now to get my chibs!


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