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Thank you all for voting! (and more news)

Posted on: February 1, 2009

Latest News: Click HERE to view the poem and comment!

Thanks to everyone who had voted when the Jan poll lasted. Alot of people voted ‘study hard’ and ‘be more friendly, helpful, etc’. Glad to hear that! Now, I’ve added a poll for the poem Im about to put up. Please vote.

Now, I said that I will be publishing  the new sports catalogue secrets, so here they are:

  1. Click the seashell and the starfish on the surfboard page followed by changing the fire surfboard the green penguin is holding into a daisy one. The silver surfboard should pop up.
  2. Turn to the sport furniture page and click on the rock climbing wall. You can find 2 secret hidden items for your penguin to buy and wear.

Ok, some of you were wondering how did I managed to get the ninja mask and become a ninja. You might think it is impossible to beat Sensei, but you will discover that your thinking is wrong. Let me tell you some stuff:

  1. Battle until you get your black belt. You NEED NOT buy the trading cards to defeat Sensei, although it is faster.
  2. Once you have your black belt, battle Sensei many many times, like 7 times and more. At the first few tries he will beat you, but later, he will become ‘weaker’ and you will start to slowly beat him.
  3. If he beats you again and again, DO NOT GIVE UP!!!
  4. After you loose to him many many times, there will be one time you will win! You will get the ninja mask from him and get access to the secret ninja hideout!!! :O

Good Luck!


(P/S: I will post my poem on a new page, you can check it out shortly.)


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