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Hi everybody!

So sorry for not updating the blog for so many days! Did you know ROCKHOPPER is back? Yes! He is giving away a free treasure map background to everyone! (again) There are other stuff for members too. Check them out at RockHopper’s ship.

The new pin is a ‘O’ berry and it is at the Ice Berg. Get it now before it is gone!

Also, ClubPenguin has its very own ‘all about puffles’ video! Check it now at the community section, whats new.



Yep! My exams are over! I will start posting on the blog the new stuff right away!

Hi everyone!

I can only play a little today. Today was my chinese paper. (very very hard leh!) Tomorrow’s my last paper: science! But most of my friends still have 1 more extra paper than me to go. And that is higher chinese. Good luck to them… and ME!

Just now I completed another level of the temple of transformation. This is what I got:


WinxLockette uses the Keys and….

Zeus Trading Card

WinxLockette is tired now and needs atleast 24 hours before exploring the rest of the Temple!

Yay me! 4 more levels to go! Woo Hoo!


Hi there!

Tomorrow’s my english exam so wish me luck! For the next 4 days, this is what exam papers I will be taking:

Mon: English Paper

Tues: Maths Paper

Wed: Chinese Paper (yikes!)

Thurs: Science Paper

And on Friday…. I can update the blog again! Meanwhile, please visit RachyStar’s blog for cp updates.

Today I went on Marapets and purchased simerian key 39 which cost 79000mp+ (Ah!) And I completed another simerian level. (See below!)

WinxLockette uses the Keys and….


WinxLockette is tired now and needs atleast 24 hours before exploring the rest of the Temple!

Woopee! Now I am on level 25 going on to level 26… 4 more levels till I get my reward… the staff of the light fairy! 🙂


My exams are here so I wont be updating the blog until next week. Thank You

Happy Valentine’s Day to all viewers!
♥ Hope you will have the most romantic day of your lives! ♥

(Both taken from marapets.com)

Jenoa now has its own Scratchcards kiosk. Every two hours you can buy a Scratchcard for just a Five Dukka Coin. There are 8 different cards avaliable, some rarer than others. The rarer the card, the higher the prizes. There are two possible prizes – MP and Pet Stats!

We now have a pearl, cd, dvd, book, minipet, 750 Dukka Coin, Trading Card and Pizza on sale! These will all RETIRE in the first week of March, along with the Mordo Potions and the old Account Upgrades – when we release the March Account Upgrades.

There are two new Giftbox items also on sale. The Scratchcards Giftbox will mean that you can buy Scratchcards twice as often forever and the Photo Parlour Giftbox means that you can take photos of your pets twice as often forever! winxamore-words-flower3

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