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CP mission 10 is out! If you want the WHOLE answers to the mission, visit: tamposs.wordpress.com. It is really really…. wow!


Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas had sure been a wonderful one this year! There will be a special post on New Year’s Day which is on the 1st of Jan 2009!

Today there will be a new mission, but I wont post that until tomorrow.

There is a new design of the starting page when you play.


Coins for change is done and finished! Here are the results:

  • Kids who are sick-30%
  • Kids who are poor and cannot go to school-33%
  • Kids without parents or are hurt by war-37%

I dont have time to post the furniture catalogue secrets so visit here: http://tamposs.com/.

Thats all!


Ah… finally…

I am currently typing out this post at 8:28pm in my country’s time. Pretty late. Normally I log on earlier on days. 😛 I am currently worn out after a big fat busy week I had. Next week I’m starting a new school year! Oh no. I wish the holidays could stay longer… haz!

Today I went to Pulau Ubin, which is somewhere near my country, but we have to take a boat. Woah.. there ah… very uh… different leh. There dont have any tall buildings but all kampong huts. There, my family rented bikes and cycled all the way to Chek Jawa. Wow… super hard. Got lots of bumps and up and down! Then blah blah… so on…. too much to tell… we came back. The oil stain on my knee is still there even after I bathed! Sigh, it was sure a hard but memorable one!

Look out for updates on Monday! Remember, tomorrow the new mission will come out!! Woot!


I will be really busy during this festive period of the year, and will be posting on Monday! So sorry. But anyway, want to wish you a very Merry Christmas!!!


Here are all the new pets that were just released:



(pictures from : marapets.com)

Also, I’ve updated ‘About WinxAmore’ page.


Hiya all.

After so many busy days, I finally have the time to update the blog. Let me update you guys:

First of all, there is a Igloo Decorating Contest from now till 29th Dec. There will be 10 Grand Prize (25,000 coins each!) and 10 Runner-Up (10,000 coins each) winners selected during the party. Good luck!

Also, toys have arrived in the UK.



(Picture from: http://community.clubpenguin.com/blog/)

And the Christmas Party is finally here; back and better than ever! Check out all the places in ClubPenguin. There are 2 freebies:

  1. Santa Beard-Ski Village
  2. Santa Hat-Snow Forts

Here is a picture of the decorated Dojo:


(Picture from:http://community.clubpenguin.com/blog/)

There’s going to be some brand new stuff in the Treasure Book on Monday, Dec. 22. And also, there are 3 new books in the bookroom for you to read!

The new pin is a present and can be found at the Ski Lodge.

The Dojo has some new instructions too.

Bye and Merry Christmas!


Hey hey!

Lots of totally new updates coming to you in a while! First of all, marapets is finally working again, although there are still some minor glitches here and there.

Ok, now with more updates: Rockhopper is here! He bought a new free item for everyone, the Red Sailor’s Hat! And there are other other items on sale too, check them out!

Coins for Change is also here. There are 3 places that you can donate: The beach, Captain’s Quarters, and the Plaza. There is also a free gift at each place. You can get a bell. To ring it, hold it and wave. It will make a ringing sound. *ring ring*COINS.jpg


Donate your coins to either 3 options: KIDS WITHOUT PARENTS AND KIDS WHO HAVE BEEN HURT BY WAR, KIDS WHO ARE SICK, and KIDS WHO ARE POOR AND WHO CAN’T GO TO SCHOOL. Hope you all donate and make a difference in the world! Once you selected a option, choose how much coins you want to donate, and youre done.

Also, the Treasure Hunt game updated itself. You can now dig snow! Yep. Check it out.

The Quest of the Golden Puffle is back. With a new secret in the catalogue, open to the first page and click on the golden puffle. It will reveal a Crook & Flail. (300 coins)

Also, there is a new Furniture Catalogue with some secrets:

  1. Click on the red ‘balls’ on the first page of the catalogue for the Leaning Tree.
  2. Click on the Velvet Rope for the Welcome Mat.

And there are some new postcards too. Like the ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘Card-Jitsu’ ones. More too.

Here are sketches from http://community.clubpenguin.com/blog/.



And finally theres a new colouring page at the community section!


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