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Still puzzled

Posted on: November 1, 2008

Hey everyone,

continuing from yesterday’s post. During my chinese lesson, it was so fun that it totally cheered me up! Now I am not sad anymore after yesterday’s ‘talking to myself’ session. But now I am puzzled really, I have no idea or clue on why Pennypoller broke up with me so suddenly! Something must have changed her… but what? Or maybe it was PennyPoller all along… maybe she planned breaking up with me right from the start already… who knows? Anyway, not interested already. Now I need to make lots of arragements to my life… again! *sigh* I wish if I ever have a TRUE friend that would never think of breaking up… or even better; dont even have the word ‘breaking up’ in her dictionary. A true friend to me is being kind, helpful, not proud, not deceiving, would not lie, would give 2nd chances and would not betray. But actually there are lots more to list down, but if I were to do so, it would take me forever! To tell everyone the truth, I am super dissapointed with PennyPoller. Really dissapointed!

Anyway, at where I stay 31st Oct is already over yesterday. My country don’t really celebrate Halloween, but I just love halloween. Halloween rocks!

Today is already 1st November. I can’t believe time passes so fast. I will be getting back my report book next Friday. Yay!


6 Responses to "Still puzzled"

OMG!! its like 55 days till Christmas then!!!

My country doesnt celebrate Halloween either 😦

On his website

My country doesn’t celebrate halloween either. Not even Christmas!

It doesn’t snow either

So sad 😦 Poor you

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