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Hey everyone…

Today something terrible happened in school… You know PennyPoller that I was always talking about? Well, today she told me she wants to break up with me… and we did… I can’t believe this! At first I was like, “WHAT?!?” Then now I’m like, “Fine…” I almost cried in school… sshh… Now we are just close friends, and I hope that we will be. So I am editing the “About WinxAmore” page again.


Hello every ghost or fairy out there!

The spookiest party everyone was waiting for is finally here! There is a candy hunt that I mentioned about yesterday. Before you can join the hunt, you will need to get a pumpkin basket at the snow forts. Once you have it, go trick or treating now! Below are the answers:

  1. Click on the Blue flag at the Snow Forts
  2. Click on the lamp at the Dance Lounge
  3. Click on the blue box that is beside 3 candles at the Ski Loudge Attic
  4. Click on the pot at the Plaza
  5. Click on the ‘Caution! Swim at your own risk!’ sign at the Cove
  6. Click on the colours in the sky at the Ice Berg
  7. Wait for 3 lightning flashes in the sky and click on the candy that is hanging in the beacon.
  8. Click the book on top of the shelf at the Book Room

Once you manage to get all the items, you will get to redeem a Limited Edition Background! Last year they gave out the Halloween scarf that my penguin still wears!


Go to the Book Room and click on the glowing green candle. It will reveal a secret passage way! You will need to get a Rad Scientist Costume that can be purchased from the clothing catalogue to enter the room!

Above is a picture from http://community.clubpenguin.com/. It is a page taken from the Treasure Book. You can view the Treasure Book by clicking on the Shop page and then clicking on the Treasure Book page.

So do you like the Halloween Party? Did you see Night of the Living Sled 2 at the lighthouse? It is even better than last year’s. Although I prefer the decorations this year, I still liked last year’s Halloween music. It rocked!

Also, there is a new comic at the Community section of ClubPenguin. (From http://community.clubpenguin.com/)

Oh yeah, I am still typing out the ‘The Land of Dreams’ story onto the blog. Please wait a little longer!


Hi everyone!

Here is a sneak peak of tomorrow’s upcoming party: Halloween!

There will be a sweet hunt tomorrow like last year! YAY!

Also, I am done with “The Land of Dreams”. I will get it up on the site as soon as posible. It is password protected so please leave a comment if you want the password.

Here is a sneak preview of my next story I am currently writting: “Flying Danger”:

“I promised the rest of my friends that I would meet them at the Coffee Shop for a cup of coffee after I had flown the JetPack Adventure Course. My guess that I would be finished in half an hour’s time. But one hour later, I still wasn’t at the Coffee Shop with my friends, so they started to worry. What could have gone wrong?”

So are you interested?


Hi everyone!

I’m sure you all knew that the ClubPenguin Toys are now available online at the ClubPenguin Shop! Which toy do you like the best? I like the pretty princess! They are all so cute! Aww…

Did you know that more stuff will be available soon at the shop? Like this trading cards:

(Picture from http://community.clubpenguin.com/blog/)

And for those who saw my previous post 2 days ago about the party hat but still don’t know where it is, click on the wishmaker 3000 (Like in the picture from http://community.clubpenguin.com/blog/).

And here is how it looks like during the 3rd Bithday Party at the town: (from http://community.clubpenguin.com/blog/)

Don’t forget, today is the last day to get the party hat!


I’m so EXCITED AND HAPPY! My exams are finally OVER and I can finally PLAY!!! YES! 🙂 Today has to be the best day ever because of so many reasons:

  1. Exams are finally over!
  2. My English and Chinese results improved ALOT!
  3. PennyPoller gave me a gift!
  4. Today is CP’s 3rd Birthday Party!
  5. Today the new ClubPenguin toys will come out!

 Just wishing Rachael happy birthday too! Happy Birthday to CP! Let’s get started on CP updates!

The winners for the igloo decorating contest are below:

Top 10 Winners: (Each of them won 25,000 coins)

  1. Alexpandra1
  2. Dd837cd2
  3. Condorsito11
  4. Mumbeis01
  5. Zebbyman
  6. Tropicul678
  7. Dc King 96
  8. Petpenguin
  9. Lac10
  10. Blizzard 745

ClubPenguin’s 3rd Birthday is here! You can get the 3rd Birthday Party at the Coffee Shop. First you must click on the WishMaker 3000 (Made by G). Then, it will blog the top portion of the cake off and it will reveal the hats! I was correct! The hat was the same colour as the penguin wearing the hat in my previous post!

The new pin is a 3rd year birthday cake at the Dance Lounge.

Clubpenguin is going to release another item that is some books! There are 4 types of books:

The Ultimate Official Guide to Club Penguin
Stowaway! Adventures at Sea
Waddle Lot of Laughs (Joke Book)
Stuck-On Puffles (Sticker Activity)

I would love to get ‘The Ultimate Official Guide to Club Penguin’! Below is a picture from http://community.clubpenguin.com/blog/

And the ClubPenguin DS is going to come out in just DAYS! Here are some sneak peaks from http://community.clubpenguin.com/blog/.

Other News about my life:

As I had mentioned earlier, my exams are over. Today I got the biggest and bestest shock of my life: When I received back my paper, I was so speechless, I got an ‘A’ for my English! I could’nt believe that at first. I have improved by over 10 marks! Same for my chinese! Weeee! I’m so happy! >< Then the Science paper I took this morning was really hard! 😦


Hi everyone!

Fever’s last site was shut down, but now he is back! He’s new website is: http://watexclubpenguin.wordpress.com/

Finally, he is back!

Other News: Our blog just reached 500 views! YAY!

Hi everyone!

I have updated the ‘About WinxAmore’ page. You can go and check it out!

Also, there is a new background in the community section in CP.

Plus this is ALL the toys that CP is going to sell at the shop online! (From: http://community.clubpenguin.com/blog/)

Other News:

Tomorrow is the 2nd last day of my exam. It is my Maths Paper! Then on Friday it is my science. Time just pass so fast!

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