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Hi everyone!

Below is how the ball pool look like at the Ice Berg:

Ok, I am now using the previously fast computer to type this post. My family just bought a new computer yesterday and I can’t use the currently fast computer to download any pictures or write any posts, and also some websites I can’t view it only through this computer now. It is getting really irritating. Have you collected all the prizes at the Fall Fair so far?


(Most pictures in this post is either from watex.wordpress.com or the cp blog)

Hi everyone!

I got banned from using the computer by my mom for 1 week. So Let me update everyone TODAY… we have lots to say about!

Fall Fair is here! Yeepee!

First of all, last week’s furniture catalogue. Below are the secrets:

  • Click on the wall chalkboard for the chalkboard!

  • Click on the fire in the pizza oven. Then click it again for the stainless Steel Fridge.

  • Click on the green note for the Guitar Stand.

  • Click on the umbrella table for the Blender.

And  with that we end the secrets in the catalogue! Next I will inform you about the posts on the CP blog.

Puffle paddle is available in the fall fair, so make sure you check it out!

A new mission is coming up really soon, check out the sketch below!

Here is another sneak peak of the fall fair!

Here are the games that you can play at the Fall Fair:

  1. Puffle Paddle-Snow Forts
  2. Puffle Shuffle-Forest
  3. Feed-O-Puffle-Cove
  4. Memory Game-Beach
  5. Grab And Spin-Dock
  6. Ring The Bell-Dock
  7. Puffle Soaker-Arcade Circle*
  8. Balloon Pop-Arcade Circle*

(*- only for members)

Below are the prizes at the prize booth: (can be found at the Forest)

  1. Feathered Tiara-1200 tickets (repeat)
  2. Lollipop Candy-1000 tickets (repeat)
  3. Giant Green Sunglasses-1000 tickets
  4. Yellow Balloon Pin-100 tickets

More Prizes COMING SOON!

At the Arcade Circle, (only for members to access) there is another prize booth and 2 games. Below is a list of what is in the booth:

  1. Giant Yellow Glasses
  2. TeddyBear
  3. Caramel Apple

And there are 2 NEW games for members: the Puffle Soaker and Balloon Pop!

New Pin is at the lighthouse, which is a lollipop!

There is a secret message in the ClubPenguin Times.

  1. Open newspaper and turn all the way to page D1. Click on the paper note on the table.
  2. Click the note and it will bring you to another page. Click on the book.
  3. It will bring you to another page. Click on the cookie.
  4. Continue by clicking on the TV.
  5. Click on the cup.
  6. A message from G will pop up.

Woah… finally, all the latest news on CP is DONE! Wheew!

Other News:

Currently my brother BlackTrians is playing at the Fall Fair. He has 7000 over tickets!


Below is a sneak peak of the upcoming furniture catalogue!

And the igloo decorating contest is coming soon… with the prize money of 25000 coins!


Server is down. So you can’t log in now.

Other News:

I got a gold for my Physical Fitness Test! YAHOO!!!


There is a new ClubPenguin comic at the community section. Here it is:

Hi everyone!

Here are the upcoming events that are going to happen this fall!

The Fall Fair party (all the favorites from last year plus new stuff!)

A visit from Rockhopper (who always brings cool stuff!)
Halloween Party (complete with an igloo decorating contest, awesome costumes, and lots of spooky surprises!)
3rd Anniversary Party (Club Penguin is turning 3!)
A new Yearbook (with highlights of the past year!)

A new mission (many of you have been asking about this – I will have more info in the next couple weeks!)

Marapets Updates:

New quest at Biala Mountain: Secret Santa Quest. Well, it is not actually secret.

(adapted from marapets.com)

To help Santa Claus to afford this, he gives out quests for you to send items to players. He will select a random item, as a christmas gift that you will need to send to the player who last completed one of his quests. But if you were the last person to complete his quest, he will select a player at random who is playing right now. You may also receive an item from someone else when you complete a Secret Santa quest. You will also receive MP from each quest, and may receive a Santa Trading Card!

Blog News:We have reached 201 views! Well done everyone! Keep up the good work! The more views we get, the better. Now lets aim for 300! I will try to finish my next story: Password to Puffle Island! It will be ready soon.

Updated: Pictures now available!

Hi everyone!

The newest pin is the Magnifying Glass! It is at the Dock.

Than there is the new play at the Stage which I talked about yesterday; “Ruby and the Ruby”. There is a “Detective Background” for non-members, which costs 60 coins.

(picture from watex.wordpress.com)

Below is a list of the items selling at the costume trunk.

  1. Grey Fedora-250 coins
  2. Detective’s Coat-650 coins
  3. Magnifying Glass-150 coins
  4. Movie Star Wig-600 coins
  5. Dazzle Dress-600 coins
  6. Pearl Necklace-550 coins
  7. Blue Felt Hat-300 coins
  8. Blue Zoot Suit-700 coins
  9. Skinny Blue Tie-150 coins
  10. Black Zoot Shoes-450 coins
  11. Doorman’s Hat-150 coins
  12. Doorman’s Jacket-400 coins
  13. Director’s Hat-250 coins
  14. Dark Detective’s Coat-650 coins (hidden)
  15. Detective Background-60 coins
  16. Noir Background-60 coins (hidden)

There are a few secrets that come with this play.

(picture from watex.wordpress.com)

  • To get the Dark Detective Coat, click the doorknob.

(picture from watex.wordpress.com)

  • To get the Noir background, click and drag down the words on the last cover of the catalogue to reveal the background.

(picture from watex.wordpress.com)

  • There is a ruby pin for you to grab too. First click on the drawer, than the trashcan, than the book, than the flower vase, and lastly the picture to reveal a safe. Click on the safe to get the ruby pin.

Ok, so someone asked me where to click when finishing the Volcano treasure map. So first you go to the treasure map shop then look below the shop keeper. Click the button that says ‘complete volcano map’. (you must have all the map pieces before getting the prize.) You will get some prizes, and a burnt avantar.


There is a new poll available for everyone to vote! Vote before 30th September! Please see the poll section on the right side of the blog.

Hi everyone!

Here is a sneak peak of the upcoming Fall Fair 08 party that is going to happen starting on September 26th!

In other news:

(Picture from watex.wordpress.com)

The title of the upcoming play is: Ruby and the Ruby.

Do you know how I found it out? Well, check out the Cubpenguin Times, 1st page. Click the blue puffle, mainhole (drain), the pot of paint, and the box on the bottom right. Then a poster will pop out, revealing the play name!

(Picture from watex.wordpress.com)

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