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Posted on: August 29, 2008

Hi guys!

Just to let all of you out there know that the missing pictures for the NDP 08 page has been uploaded, some being added recently! So you better check it out!

A new poll has been created. Please vote! It will be closed on 15 Sep 08. 

Ok, so the widget about “Coming Soon to ClubPenguin” is outdated. I’m totally changing the name. Now it is called: ClubPenguin’s Upcoming Features. It is now updated.

For this whole week, I am trying to upload missing pictures on previous posts since it is my school holidays. It only lasts for 1 week. =(

We have almost reached 150 views! Keep it up everyone!

ClubPenguin Updates for this Week

Before I continue any further, try to guess what these 4 items are.

Can you guess them? I will tell you the answers later.

The Ice Rink is now changed and renamed in CP Soccer Pitch. Now everyone (including non-members) can play soccer!

The Penguin Times reached its 150th issue! YAY! And to celebrate, this time they released a very unique pin, the 150th Penguin Times pin located at the boiler room. I really urged you to get this pin, it is something we had never seen before!

(Picture from watex.wordpress.com)

Ok, now we go back to the pictures you had seen above. Did you guess it correctly? You can check the answers in the NEW furniture catalogue, available to everyone. Below are the secrets for the catalogue.

(Pictures below from watex.wordpress.com)

  1. To get the blender, click the lava lamp

(Picture from watex.wordpress.com)

2. To get the guitar stand, click the piano.

    Phew! Finally, we are onto the last update of this post… I just wanna let you know that PennyPoller has changed her avatar. Don’t you all agree it looks nicer?

    What I’m going to say below are just all my thoughts. Actually, today I had half day school as today is ‘teachers’ day’. Then today (ok this is just what I think only: NOT ONLY TODAY) PennyPoller kept talking to other people more. I don’t really mind it. But there is this one special person (her previous best friend) she kept talking to. I’m a little shaken of the thoughts that came to my mind at that time. I am really not sure if she had let go off the past yet; I’m just afraid that there’s a little left not forgotton. I have never brought up this issue yet to PP. I really don’t want to think that I don’t trust her. YES, I trust her, but the slight feeling… honestly it is a slight feeling of jealousy… but who doesn’t get jealous, right? I’m sure that PP got jealous before of me talking to others more often than me. I am really not sure…

    Until the next penguin section,


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