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ClubPenguin Updates (Like the map, the stage, and rockhopper)

Posted on: August 8, 2008

Hi guys!

Rockhopper is in clubpenguin! He is giving away FREE the Brown Pirate Boots, and selling some items to the members:

RockHopper portrait- 1100 coins

Wall Net-425 coins

Steering Wheel-300 coins

Life boat-300 Coins

Here is how Rockhopper looks:

As you know, the hunt for pieces of the Missing Blueprints have begun! Below is a guide which may help you in case you can’t find any of the pieces.

Guide for pieces of blueprints in order

  1. The first piece is at the mine. It is floating on the box of water.
  2. The second piece is at the cove, at the bottom right hand side of the screen.
  3. The third piece is at the the coffee shop, floating on the water.
  4. The forth piece is at the beach, at the bottom left hand side of the screen, hidden by some rocks.
  5. The fifth piece is at the pool, you can see it through the windows.
  6. The sixth piece is at the Pet shop, near the toys.
  7. The seventh piece is at the dock, below the Hydro-Hopper.
  8. The eighth and final piece is at the ice berg, floating below the Aqua Grabber sub.

After finding all the pieces, click ‘Build the blueprint’. Just try the piece at every place, until they fit. Once you have done so, Rory will say:

“Oh boy, that was close. Thanks for finding the plans. Now I can get started on the igloo!” Then you click claim prize. The prize will be a blueprint background. A very fine one indeed!

Now lets talk about the newest play, “Team Blue’s Rally 2”. It is about team blue’s dodge ball players. But then 2 of the team’s mascot went to the wrong gym, and it is up to Zeus which is the moose to prove team red’s mascot (Jupiter) who is going to win.

Inside the catalogue, there is a gym background selling at 60 coins and anyone (even non-members) can get it!

Other News:

Whoa, today was really a busy day! I was kept really busy, and couldn’t join the rest of my class for the hall performance. =( But serving people is also fun… but tirring. Now my legs ache. Sigh. BTW: the game in the captain’s hq called treasure hunt is down due to “bugs”.


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