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Hey everyone!

Welcome back to the NEW AND IMPROVED SITE! I have spent over 2 hours uploading the missing pictures to the previous posts, and restored the broken links. So now when you click on the links, they will bring you to the site! YAY! Also, remember I said in the post before this about when I last updated this site? Well, now it will ALSO say if I’m online or not! Yepee! This makes my work easier during the Sep holidays!

Plus, I have allowed PennyPoller and BlackTrians to be authors of this site! Yep! So now I hope this makes their typing easier! =)

Next I am going to finish the Mission Help Guide. It will be expected to be available next Sunday!

And I am going to edit the About WinxAmore page right now. I will let everyone know when it is up!


Hi everyone!

I’m currently trying to update this blog and make it user-friendly. So far, I’ve added a new widget. It lets you know the date I last updated the blog. Well, it doesn’t have to be posts or pages. Sometimes if you see that on that day there is no new posts, I might have updated pictures, add links, reviewed stuff like that.

Now I’m trying to uploaded missing pictures for previous posts.

I’ve made a post on PennyPoller’s blog. Visit her blog by clicking here.

Also, Pennypoller feedbacked to me and said there were some broken links in this site so I’m also going to restore that too.

I’ve checked the blog statues and you know what I’ve found? Comparing last month and this month, there is many more views! Yay! A big thanks to everyone who asked their friends to view this site. I will try to make it better and encourage PennyPoller and BlackTrians to contribute too.

I’ll let you know about more new stuff on this site soon!

Hi guys!

Just to let all of you out there know that the missing pictures for the NDP 08 page has been uploaded, some being added recently! So you better check it out!

A new poll has been created. Please vote! It will be closed on 15 Sep 08. 

Ok, so the widget about “Coming Soon to ClubPenguin” is outdated. I’m totally changing the name. Now it is called: ClubPenguin’s Upcoming Features. It is now updated.

For this whole week, I am trying to upload missing pictures on previous posts since it is my school holidays. It only lasts for 1 week. =(

We have almost reached 150 views! Keep it up everyone!

ClubPenguin Updates for this Week

Before I continue any further, try to guess what these 4 items are.

Can you guess them? I will tell you the answers later.

The Ice Rink is now changed and renamed in CP Soccer Pitch. Now everyone (including non-members) can play soccer!

The Penguin Times reached its 150th issue! YAY! And to celebrate, this time they released a very unique pin, the 150th Penguin Times pin located at the boiler room. I really urged you to get this pin, it is something we had never seen before!

(Picture from watex.wordpress.com)

Ok, now we go back to the pictures you had seen above. Did you guess it correctly? You can check the answers in the NEW furniture catalogue, available to everyone. Below are the secrets for the catalogue.

(Pictures below from watex.wordpress.com)

  1. To get the blender, click the lava lamp

(Picture from watex.wordpress.com)

2. To get the guitar stand, click the piano.

    Phew! Finally, we are onto the last update of this post… I just wanna let you know that PennyPoller has changed her avatar. Don’t you all agree it looks nicer?

    What I’m going to say below are just all my thoughts. Actually, today I had half day school as today is ‘teachers’ day’. Then today (ok this is just what I think only: NOT ONLY TODAY) PennyPoller kept talking to other people more. I don’t really mind it. But there is this one special person (her previous best friend) she kept talking to. I’m a little shaken of the thoughts that came to my mind at that time. I am really not sure if she had let go off the past yet; I’m just afraid that there’s a little left not forgotton. I have never brought up this issue yet to PP. I really don’t want to think that I don’t trust her. YES, I trust her, but the slight feeling… honestly it is a slight feeling of jealousy… but who doesn’t get jealous, right? I’m sure that PP got jealous before of me talking to others more often than me. I am really not sure…

    Until the next penguin section,

    Hey everyone!


    My exams are over… finally! YES! But now I am really super nervous about my results… everyone please pray I will get good marks. My friend PennyPoller got one of the top in the Science paper section B!!! Hooray for her! How I wish I could at least get 3rd in class… but I know that is totally impossible cause the highest is already… So high! Sigh. The only time I got so called 2nd in science was when I was P3. That time I got 96! But ever since this year started, everyone’s marks are either (majority) going down or going up. But the up is really small and seldom. Also, really sorry for not updating last week. I really need to study.

    ClubPenguin Updates…

    Before I continue… here is 2 sneak peaks pictures from the clubpenguin website blog. Can you guess what are they?

    The answer is the mullet and the moose at the ski lodge! Did you guessed it correctly?

    Ok, so I was saying, the Penguin Games is going on in CP. There are 3 events that you can take part in:

    1. Marathon at the ski village
    2. Three Lap Race at the IceBerg
    3. Freestyle Swim at the Pool


    First go to the ski village and stop at the starting line. Wait until it shows ‘GO!’ then you go. Whenever you see like a light, stop near it.

    See that blue penguin shouting ‘go team’? Beside him is a light. So now you know how it looks like. Make sure you stop at every light of the track in order to complete the race.

    3 Lap Race

    Start at the starting point and wait for the GO. Stop at the lights. Make sure you stop at the starting point too. That will be counted as 1 lap. Do the same for the other 2 laps.

    Freestyle Swim

    Start at the starting point and wait for the GO. Walk to the other end of the pool. That will be counted as 1 lap. Walk back to the starting point. That is 2 laps. Do 6 laps and you are done!

    To get the Medal

    After finishing all 3 items, you can click on the medal on the top right hand corner of your screen to claim your prize… which is a gold medal that you can wear!

    More free items…

    The red face paint is at the coffee shop (first level) and the blue paint is at the Pizza Palour. Wear either one of them without any other clothes and wave, you will lift a sign. (Go red/go blue)


    For members, you can go to the Ice rink to play soccer, there is no free items there.

    Waddle on!

    Howdy everyone!

    Sorry for the late updates. Here they are:

    The new pin is a dodgeball and it is at the stage.

    There is a new igloo… or should I say 2 new igloos… well, one of them is the gym igloo and the other is the newest SHIP IGLOO! Below is a picture from watex.wordpress.com.

    Below is how it will look like if you buy it. Pic from the ClubPenguin’s website blog.

    Ok, next we are going to talk about is the sports catalogue secrets.(pics are from watex.wordpress.com)

    • Click on the blue pompom for the orange football helmet!

    • To get the silver surfboard, first click on the surfboard that the green penguin is holding until it becomes the daisy surfboard, then click on the shell followed by the starfish to get it!

    For the sports catalogue, there is a new background for non-members to wear!

    And lastly, there is a new comic in the Fun Stuff section of the CP website.

    Hi there!

    Sorry for not posting this week. Really busy. As next week, it is my exams already!

    Below is a sneak peak of the upcoming sports catalogue:

    And the treasure hunt game in the captain’s hq is squashed, you can now play the game!

    Hi everyone!

    GREAT NEWS: we have 106 views! Thanks to everyone who viewed the website! As a token of our big thanks, we will now take away the password protecting the page entitled, “The Case of the Missing Puffle”! Now EVERYONE can read it! Hope you leave a comment too!

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