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Posted on: July 30, 2008

Hi guys!

Sorry I have not been posting for the past few day. I have this bad headache that wont go away and running nose! Oh, I feel horrible!

Ok enough about me, now lets focus on ClubPenguin’s 1st ever Music Jam party!

Free Items/Gifts:

Pair of maracus-Cove (old)

Music Jam t-shirt-plaza (NEW)

ClubPenguin’s first ever music jam is finally here! During the party, you can hear sweet beach music at the cove, country side music at the forest, hard techno music at the pizza palour, rock at the ice rink and the dock, jazz tunes at the coffee shop, orcastraw music at the ski village, grovy and cool jazz tunes at the lighthouse, catchy and hot music at the beach, and lastly the penguin band at the ice berg! Don’t forget to go to the dojo, mine, pool, iceberg and snowforts as they each have something special! Get a backstage pass (VIP) from the snow forts and you can go behind the stage at the dock! This feature is only for members.

Just to let you know, the main stage (at the dock) changes everyday! So go and check out new tunes there! If no one is on the stage, the music, lights and everything will stop, unless you go up there again!

This is how the booth at the snow forts looks like! (Picture below (all of them) are from watex.wordpress.com)

And this is how the back stage look like:

And when you open the Music Instrument catalogue, there is a secret inside. Click on the ‘I’ of the word ‘music catalogue’ and you will get the Electric guitar!

You can catch the Penguin Band at the Ice Berg, they are indeed really cool!


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