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Hi everyone!

The penguin band was resting at the backstage yesterday! I hope you members met them! They went to selected servers (something like rockhopper!) and gave out free backgrounds if you add them as your buddy, you might get the Penguin Band background! Pictures below are from www.watex.wordpress.com.

Below are the Penguin Band’s Player cards if you click on them.

And here is how the background looks like:

Plus there is a new comic on the community section of the CP site. Also, there is new fan art there. Go and check it out!


Hi guys!

Sorry I have not been posting for the past few day. I have this bad headache that wont go away and running nose! Oh, I feel horrible!

Ok enough about me, now lets focus on ClubPenguin’s 1st ever Music Jam party!

Free Items/Gifts:

Pair of maracus-Cove (old)

Music Jam t-shirt-plaza (NEW)

ClubPenguin’s first ever music jam is finally here! During the party, you can hear sweet beach music at the cove, country side music at the forest, hard techno music at the pizza palour, rock at the ice rink and the dock, jazz tunes at the coffee shop, orcastraw music at the ski village, grovy and cool jazz tunes at the lighthouse, catchy and hot music at the beach, and lastly the penguin band at the ice berg! Don’t forget to go to the dojo, mine, pool, iceberg and snowforts as they each have something special! Get a backstage pass (VIP) from the snow forts and you can go behind the stage at the dock! This feature is only for members.

Just to let you know, the main stage (at the dock) changes everyday! So go and check out new tunes there! If no one is on the stage, the music, lights and everything will stop, unless you go up there again!

This is how the booth at the snow forts looks like! (Picture below (all of them) are from watex.wordpress.com)

And this is how the back stage look like:

And when you open the Music Instrument catalogue, there is a secret inside. Click on the ‘I’ of the word ‘music catalogue’ and you will get the Electric guitar!

You can catch the Penguin Band at the Ice Berg, they are indeed really cool!

Hi everyone!

I got my 100th avantar and gained the “avantar collector” avantar! Now I have 101 avantars!

Congratulations! You found the ‘Avatar Collector‘ Hidden Avatar!

Hi guys!

First of all I want to inform you that blacktrians’ new blog is blacktrianssc4.wordpress.com! You can go check out his blog, but it is not ready yet. Just to let you know, his old blog had been deleted. So I’ll change the link really soon. He joined our blog today! FYI: I also joined his too.

Earlier today in the afternoon, I had my NAPFA test. Today’s test is to run 1.6km! I got in 16th position in my class while PennyPoller got 14th! She sure improved alot since last year!

Ok, than in clubpenguin the new game at the night club will be released this FRI! Here is a preview of it.

And in marapets, all games’ glitches had been fixed, 2 new costumes were released in the account upgrades section, a new quest involving the new world has been released too and lots more!

I will post tomorrow once again.


My marapets account turned 5 months old today! See below.

Congratulations! Your marapets account has passed the 5 Months Old status!

To reward you for your loyalty and staying with Marapets for this long, King Baspinar has just given you a King Feliz DVD!

Thanks for playing Marapets!

If you would like to support marapets and upgrade your account, you can do so here at the Account Upgrades page.


I have completed the volcano treasure map in marapets and received 9 burnt items, plus I got the burnt avantar! Now I have completed another goal and I am still short of 1 avantar til I reach my 100 avantar goal! Oh, I am so excited!

Also, a new world in marada has been discovered; called ‘Lost City of Simeria’

Other News: The NDP was so wet, I got myself totally soaked. Than I recorded lots of sounds and vedios and also pictures, and will be expected to be uploaded here soon. Tomorrow I have my NAPFA test and I’m really nervous, so cheer me on!

Hi everyone!

ClubPenguin has a sneak peak on the upcoming Musical Festival. The picture below is from the clubpenguin blog. (http://community.clubpenguin.com/)


And today in marapets, I struck the lottery! See below.

Congratulations! You found the ‘Fruit Machine‘ Hidden Avatar!

You won 50,000MP!

(from marapets.com)

Yay for me!


Today is the day! I’m going to the NDP with PennyPoller! I’m so excited! I’m going to meet her at 1:30pm today.

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